Meet The Team

Our event stylists bring energy, creativity and guidance to our design studio. Whether you need assistance putting together your order or want to roll up your sleeves and create something over-the-top, our stylists help to curate the details that go into creating truly exceptional tabletops and eventscapes. With a deep knowledge of our inventory, they are available to provide guidance on perfect pairings and unique decor suggestions. Contact the studio to chat with a stylist, or stop by the design studio during the week to say hello and get to work!


Carly Lalim

Director of Sales, Napa Corporate Office

Carly is thrilled to take the reins as Theoni's Director of Sales, and brings a wealth of experience in the event and rental worlds to her role. Early in her career, Carly worked for Patina Catering Group and then at La Tavola’s Newport Beach showroom, where she fell in love with the event industry.

With her unmitigated charm, creative brain, and deep passion for nurturing relationships, Carly will inspire Theoni’s growing team to create new relationships, foster long-time industry connections, and elevate what’s possible!

Claire Sanz

Product Development Manager, Napa Corporate Office

As an artist and eternal creative, Claire Sanz has always been drawn to the beauty of design. As the founder of PoppyStone, a floral design house based in Sonoma, Claire became an integral part of the wedding and events industry—gathering years of design experience. In 2016, she made the transition from florist to consultant at PoppyStone and joined our team at Theoni.

Claire’s expertise is focused on design—where the details like vessels, votives, dinnerware, and colors all come together to create something truly memorable. With a knowledge of all the local venues and a deep understanding of the range of options that work in each setting, Claire brings her expertise to our design department, where she helps to curate all the details that go into creating truly exceptional tabletops and eventscapes.

Heather Calabrese

Sales Representative, Napa Corporate Office

With a background focused on customer service, Heather is a natural at building deep relationships and understanding how to best serve her clients. Her first role in the event industry was at La Tavola in 2017 where she managed the Sacramento showroom and eventually moved into sales. She excels at understanding the needs of others and enjoys being the point of contact to provide efficient service that takes the clients’ designs to the next level.

Heather joins the team in Northern California where she will handle sales. She’s honored to be part of a community full of inspiring creatives, and is excited to reconnect and work alongside these people. Heather is passionate about design and loves helping each person build something according to their own unique aesthetic. She thrives on building trust, meeting expectations, and can’t wait to be a part of the Theoni culture. 

Outside of the office, you can find Heather in pursuit of good food and great adventures with her family and two rescue pups, striving to raise really good humans one clean diaper and delicious snack at a time.

Mirannda Goodman

Account Coordinator, Napa Corporate Office

Personable, adaptable, and hard working, Mirannda brings a background in the wine tour industry and events to her role as manager of the Napa Showroom. As the face that greets guests upon arrival, she effortlessly ensures that everything is in place, supports the sales team, places orders, and collaborates with the warehouse to ensure everything is operating smoothly.

Fueled by the happiness and endless inspiration it provides, Miranda loves everything about the event world and works on the backend to ensure beauty and perfection. She’s good at triage and enjoys finding helpful solutions for any problem that arises.

Beverly Harris

Account Coordinator, Napa Corporate Office

Growing up surrounded by the beauty of the industry, Beverly has built-in passion for event planning and the joy of working behind the scenes to create memorable events. Working for her family’s restaurant, The Fremont Diner, as a hostess and a server for many years, and serving as a part of the Betty Zlatchin Catering team, Beverly has a rich service background.

Beverly joined the team in the summer of 2018, but is no stranger to the company. As founder Betsy Stone’s granddaughter, she has worked alongside the team for every showroom opening, witnessing the collection come together firsthand. From the San Francisco Showroom, Beverly will bring her energy to social media and supporting the sales team.

Hadley Larson

Outside Sales Representative, San Fransisco

Hadley is a seasoned events professional with over 25 years of experience in experiential marketing and hospitality management in the luxury markets. Her expertise spans the entire spectrum, from concept development to flawless execution and launch. With a rich background in award-winning restaurants, hotels, and wineries in the vibrant Bay Area, Hadley has honed her skills to consistently exceed client expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Her passion for design is evident in her creative approach, characterized by bold color schemes and layered prints that draw inspiration from her eclectic background. Having spent nearly two decades in wine country, Hadley recently returned to San Francisco with her husband and 11-year-old son, drawn by her deep longing for the city's energy. Her well-rounded experience and unwavering dedication make her a perfect fit for Theoni’s Northern California team!

Emily Boleware

Social Media + Design Coordinator, San Francisco

Emily B joined our team in Fall of 2023 as our resident Social Media Coordinator, operating from Theoni’s San Fransisco Showroom.  She brings with her a diverse events background, having tackled the industry from all angles. With experience planning non-profit environmental film festivals, to behind the scenes journalism covering Bay Area arts and cultural events, to on-site Event Production, Emily enjoys all aspects of the industry.

Emily’s favorite part of working at Theoni is building beautiful, unique designs with clients and seeing their joy and excitement when it all comes together. Emily is driven by a fire to continue learning and growing. She believes that the most difficult challenges are the ones most worthwhile. When she’s not working, Emily enjoys cooking big batches of creole food from family recipes and spending time with Tabasco, her golden retriever at Baker beach. 

Emily Edwards

Account Coordinator, San Francisco

Emily E joined our San Fransisco team in Fall of 2023 as an Account Coordinator. Her passion for events started at Pikes Place Market in Seattle, where she worked as a florist. Her eye for details and drive to create beauty led her to BHLDN where she channeled her creativity into bridal styling. 

With her diverse events and styling background and her cheerful nature, Emily is the perfect addition to our team. 

Emily’s favorite part about working for Theoni is playing a part in bringing people together to celebrate the important moments in our loved one’s lives.  She enjoys being part of the design process as it celebrates creativity and is all about capturing the beauty and importance of a moment. 

When she’s not working, you can find her reading anything and everything, listening to her ever growing record collection, and enjoying the outdoors.

Alexi Marquina

Sales Representative, Santa Barbara

With an event production background followed by nearly a decade at La Tavola Fine Linen, Alexi joins Theoni with her love of design and client relationships. Coupled with an emphasis on details and fancying clients as friends, Alexi believes event design organically curates a creative path; a path that perfectly unveils an initial vision that ultimately creates an unforgettable atmosphere. Alexi joins our Southern California team from our Santa Barbara studio.

Carly Costanza

Showroom Coordinator, Santa Barbara

Carly loves working behind the scenes to help clients pull off beautiful events. With almost two decades in Hospitality, Event Rentals, and Entertainment Management, her hospitality career has long been centered on events in Santa Barbara.

Carly’s love of art and design goes back to her college days when she earned her degree in Art History with an emphasis on the Italian Renaissance.  It’s no surprise her love of color, form, and all things beautiful would transfer easily to events in the picturesque “American Riviera”.

Organized, efficient, and hyper-focused on the details, Carly is excited for her role as Santa Barbara Showroom Manager, where she can help make the planning process go as smoothly as possible for the Santa Barbara-based event industry she knows and loves.

Carly joins our Southern California team from our Santa Barbara studio.

Giovanna Ventura

Strategic Account Manager, Beverly Hills

An adventurous spirit with a background in events and the wine & spirits industry, Giovanna joined Theoni in September of 2018. She began her career representing wine and spirits brands and eventually shifted to events, an area that perfectly aligned with her natural skill set. Giovanna then worked at Bob Gail Special events where she focused on planning and marketing for the entertainment side, followed by a stint at a travel concierge company that focused on VIP clients.

Giovanna particularly enjoys taking a brand and its vision and turning that into a unique mood or experience. This passion drew her to the Theoni brand, along with an admiration for the collection’s balance of classic and contemporary looks—something that speaks to her own aesthetic. Based in Beverly Hills, Giovanna focuses on sales and client engagement.

Stephanie Gallenstein

Project Coordinator, Beverly Hills

Pursuing a lifelong dream of working in the events industry, Stephanie brings a background in buying and operations for retail, luxury fashion, and home decor to the Theoni team. She is passionate about growth and constant learning and has a gift for listening and carefully observing the world around her.

Stephanie believes that aesthetics have the power to transform not only events, but everyday moments into something exceptional. She brings this enthusiasm for making an impact to her role as the Beverly Hills Showroom Manager. In this role, she hopes to be an integral part of ensuring that her clients’ big days are everything they hoped for them to be, and more. Stephanie prides herself in being able to find common ground with just about every person she meets and is thrilled to be joining a company that feels more like a family than a job.

Outside of the showroom, you can find her in the passenger seat, happily cruising to the middle of nowhere with her pup and her fiancé by her side.

Kellie Kewin

Account Coordinator, Beverly Hills

With a background in planning and onsite event management, Kellie brings a tapestry of diverse skills to our Beverly Hills team. Drawn to the events industry early on, she finds fulfillment in helping others celebrate life’s special moments. Her passion for design and instinctive knack for all things creative, make her feel right at home at Theoni Collection.  Armed with a sharp attention to detail and a natural grace under pressure, Kellie is an invaluable asset to our team. Kindness and hard work are what drive her, making her an ideal teammate in any situation.

When she’s not helping bring her clients event dreams to life in our showroom, you can find her spending time outdoors seeking new adventures with friends or cozying up with her kitty and a good book!

Luz Montiel

Linen Production Manager, Napa Corporate Office

Luz has been in the business world since childhood, working alongside her parents on their small businesses. She brings this passion for service to her role at Theoni. After 12 years working at La Tavola in the areas of fabric purchasing, inventory management, and sewing, Luz has a bounty of experience in operations, working closely with vendors and the sales team, and ensuring that the product is available for delivery and key events. 

During her career at La Tavola, Betsy taught Luz that a beautiful tablecloth gives that chic touch to special events. Betsy was her teacher and mentor in the world of fabrics, guiding her in the creation of beautiful tablecloths for every occasion. Luz has been inspired by Betsy’s mentorship and exquisite taste, and she is thrilled to continue learning from her. As a true “Jane of All Trades,” Luz joins the Customer Service and Experience team at Theoni and will be based in the Napa Showroom.

Outside of the showroom, she loves to be around her family, especially her growing new baby that fills her with pure love.

Moira McGovern 

IT Manager, Napa Corporate Office

A perennial problem solver and Jane of all trades, Moira is thrilled to be coming home to what feels like her Theoni family. Her diverse work background includes roles at La Bella, La Tavola, Sonoma’s Vintage House, and fulfilling a lifelong dream of managing live theater. This unique combination of experience gives Moira an unprecedented arsenal of skills. She excels at computers and IT, web and graphic design, catering and events, and has experience with membership, program development, and all things operations.

With her keen sense of anticipation, Moira joins the team in Napa where she will assist with day-to-day operations—making things run smoothly behind the scenes and supporting Betsy and the entire team, ensuring the clients’ experience is flawless every step of the way. She is thrilled to be part of a team again, and the group of people at Theoni is just the team that she’s been longing for.

Moira is a mom to her son Liam who keeps her busy at the playground, playing “ice cream shop,” and answering a series of never-ending “why” questions that are always entertaining.

Alejandra Moreno

Napa Corporate Office

Organized and always willing to lend a helping hand to those around her, Alejandra runs Theoni’s accounts receivable and payable department, ensuring smooth and efficient customer service from start to finish. With a background at both La Bella Party Rentals and La Tavola, she brings a wide variety of expertise in the administration of the event industry, including shipping and logistics, accounting, payroll, and order support.

With a genuine love for her team and supporting those around her, Alejandra enjoys the variety of her role, engaging with clients when they have needs or questions, and generally staying busy. She is someone who genuinely loves to work and cares deeply about her job.

Claudia Galaviz

Napa Corporate Office

With twenty-one years of working in the Event Industry, Claudia brings a hard-working, driven, and adaptable work ethic to Theoni Collection. She currently manages our Table Top Operations. Claudia ensures all orders leave our warehouse perfectly fulfilled to our clients requests. Her hard work and dedication assist in curating successful events.

Outside of the working environment, you can find Claudia out on long walks in nature and spending quality time with her family.

Cesar Trujillo

Operations Manager, Napa Corporate Office

Cesar is no stranger to the events world, bringing over 22 years of experience in event rentals to our team. Starting out as a driver, he mastered the specifics of venues across California and created longtime partnerships with clients that still exist today.  As a Dispatcher, he built upon his experience in the field and excelled at the art of routing.  As Theoni’s Operations Manager, Cesar is the mastermind behind the smooth operation of our warehouse. Supervising everything from loading trucks, organizing routes, communicating between internal departments, and managing logistics, there isn’t a detail of our warehouse operations that Cesar isn’t on top of. In his free time, Cesar enjoys having cook-outs with his family and going to Warriors games.

Carlos Cortez-Benavides

Logistics Manager, Napa Corporate Office

Carlos joined our dispatch team in Summer of 2021, building on his previous experience in the Theoni Warehouse. His experience in the events industry began at an early age, helping his family business with party rentals in Mexico. His full circle journey back into event rentals brings him happiness and an appreciation for where he started. Carlos assists with building routes, managing communication with Drivers, and scheduling. In his free time, you can find him enjoying life to the fullest. Some of his favorite activities are ice skating, watching Netflix, and trips to Disneyland!

Jossue Cortez-Benavides

Logistics Manager, Napa Corporate Office

Jossue is a newcomer to the events industry, joining our team in Fall of 2021. With previous experience as a laboratory technician, his attention to detail is unparalleled. Perhaps one of the biggest hearts in our Theoni family, every interaction with him is joyful. His adaptability and strong communication skills make him the perfect liaison between the Sales Team and the Warehouse. Jossue manages the Theoni Dispatch Track system, interdepartmental communication, and logistics troubleshooting.  He finds fulfillment in knowing that his role contributes to the greater success of our team. In his free time, Jossue enjoys gaming. Team based strategy games are his favorite- which is no surprise!